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      Esmeralda threw herself upon the dainty couch, and Barker covered her up carefully; but as soon as she had left the room, Esmeralda threw the things off, and rose and paced to and fro like a caged wild animal. The old Three Star spirit was burning within her. She had been deceived, and her whole nature rose in revolt. At one moment the thought of flight flashed across her mind; but that, she knew, was impossible. She had to face the music.

      Tabitha received the comfortable gift with rapturous thanks. That Captain Martin should have thought of her, so far away, with his head full of fighting, and with death looking him in the face! It was too much, and the tears rolled down her honest cheeks as she thanked him.

      He was just the same as of old, and made his congratulations in his dry, reedy voice, which recalled to Esmeralda the voyage to England, and made her laugh at him in her old way.

      He had been singularly handsome, as was Trafford, and there was a strong resemblance between father and son. One noticed it in the expression in the eyes, in the movement of the brows, but, more markedly, in a certain turn of the head. His grace was listening, with a genial courtliness, to Lord Selvaine, and as Trafford entered, the wrinkled face beamed with a soft smile. Holding out the white hand, he said, in a musical voice, which echoed that of his son:

      Well might he trust her! Almost a century of loyal service had she given to him and his house, ready at any time, if need be, to lay down her life for their sake. Well might Bergan give her tender, honorable burial, and cause to be graven deep on her tombstone:


      "I've an engagement for this eveningbutyes, I'll get myself excused, and spend the evening with you, if you really want me."


      You drive well, he said. You must be very strong."Nothing," answered his wife. "It's just a delicate constitution, that's all. She's like one of those grape hyacinths[Pg 206] that never will stand upright in a vase. The stem isn't strong enough."